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Statement from Senator Nan Rich regarding Charlie Crist’s selection of a potential running mate

For Immediate Release

Weston, FL—"Because he’s been a life-long Republican, Charlie Crist might be excused for not knowing that Democrats typically don’t choose a running mate until they win the nomination.

What can’t be excused is his refusal to engage in the democratic process in a serious way. Crist’s record is in stark contrast to the values of the Democratic Party. He is anti-choice, has consistently opposed equality for the LGBT community, expanded private school vouchers, given the NRA a blank check, and appointed some of the most right-wing judges in Florida. More than 89% of Florida Democrats want a gubernatorial primary debate to discuss these issues.

Today Crist answered a question few voters are interested in. It is well past time for him to commit to debates and answer the questions voters do care about."

Contact:  Sterling Clifford 443-854-8500