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  • Women's Reproductive Rights

    Nan has always been fully committed to women’s rights. Her long record is clear and unchanging. She is the ONLY pro-choice candidate for Governor of Florida. Nan believes women must have the right to make their own personal health care decisions without government intrusion. 

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  • Education

    Public education is Nan Rich’s top priority, and it must be a top priority for state government. Today, Florida ranks 48th in state funding for K-12 education, and that has to change. Nan believes public dollars should fund public schools and opposes expansion of the school voucher program. She supports high-quality universal Pre-K as a way to prepare students for kindergarten and to improve student performance. Nan would fight to increase funding for Pre-K, public schools, universities and colleges.

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  • Economy - Jobs

    Nan Rich is fully committed to raising the minimum wage from $7.93 an hour to $10.10 an hour. Two thirds of the people who earn the minimum wage are women and more than 871,000 children live in households that would be affected by an increase in the minimum wage. Nan believes raising the minimum wage is an important measure to support working families and lift people out of poverty. Unlike her primary opponent, Charlie Crist, Nan Rich announced her support of the bill that would raise the minimum wage to $10.10 on the same day it was introduced in the state legislature.

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  • Health Care

    Florida faces a crisis in health care. Our state ranks 3rd in the nation in uninsured residents (4.1 million) and 3rd in uninsured children (436,166). That’s unacceptable. Nan believes that all Floridians have a right to accessible and affordable health care. That’s why she supports the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, including health care expansion, which would enable Florida to accept the $51 billion in federal funds – our own tax dollars – to provide health care to over 1.2 million Floridians, including children who desperately need it.

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  • LGBT- Marriage Equality

    Nan Rich has always been a champion for equality and fairness for LGBT individuals.  As a state legislator, she sponsored the bills and led the fight to allow adoption for same sex couples.  She also sponsored, co-sponsored, and supported legislation protecting students from anti-LGBT bullying in schools, barring employment discrimination, and providing for domestic partnership rights. Nan Rich stood on the floor of the Senate in 2010 fighting for a bill to be heard allowing gay adoptions.

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  • Environment

    Florida’s unique environmental landscape, its pristine and beautiful national resources provide the basis for agriculture, tourism, recreation, and economic success. Florida was once a bellweather state with progressive growth management laws. That progress has been reversed under governors Crist and Scott, who have slashed revenues to Florida’s Water Management Districts, eliminated the agency that reviewed huge development plans, and stripped away local environmental controls.

    Senator Rich supports enactment of laws and funding that promote the sustainability of water resources, the enforcement of current laws, and active oversight and accountability in permitting. Florida must develop a comprehensive plan and coordinated water policy - one that includes the critical issue of sea level rise and its impact on our beaches and coastal communities.

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  • Gun Violence Prevention

    Nan Rich is the only candidate for Governor with a long-standing commitment to sensible gun laws, and she has a proven track record of standing up to the NRA. Nan Rich has always supported universal background checks and closing the gun show loophole.   She believes it is important to amend “Stand Your Ground.” Rick Scott and Charlie Crist both have the highest possible rating from the NRA.

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  • Social Safety Net

    Nan Rich believes the state has no greater responsibility than protecting the life and safety of Florida's most vulnerable citizens, the elderly and our children. Nan Rich is committed to restore funding for crucial programs that are necessary for Florida's children such as DCF and programs like in home care for the elderly.

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  • Voting Rights

    One’s ability to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy and Nan Rich believes that barriers should never be placed in front of citizens who want to exercise their right to vote.

    Rick Scott has used the governor’s office and Florida tax-payer dollars to hunt for the elusive illegal voter to purge them from the voting rolls.  Even as studies have shown that illegal voting is extremely uncommon, Rick Scott presses on and a recent court ruling has declared his voter purge violates federal law.

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  • Immigration

    Nan Rich has always supported comprehensive, fair immigration reform. Comprehensive immigration reform is the responsibility of the federal government. However, Senator Rich supports state level policies that create opportunities to improve the lives of immigrants and their families.

    As a state Senator Nan Rich has always supported the Dream Act which allows students who were brought here as children the right to pay in-state tuition while attending Florida’s colleges and universities.

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  • Florida Supreme Court

    One of the most important – and long-lasting – privileges of a Florida Governor is to appoint Justices of the Florida Supreme Court and other judges. As governor, Nan Rich will appoint judges and Justices who are highly qualified, fair and impartial, and dedicated to equal protection under the law. Nan is committed to a non-political court system, where all Floridians have confidence that their cases are being decided in an unbiased and evenhanded manner. 

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  • Genetically Modified Foods


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